Безкоштовна доставка поштою від 2000 грн

Helping others is easy! Helping together is even easier!

G.Bar is an international network of beauty bars in 7 countries and 26 cities of the world. Such geography allows us to help thousands of Ukrainian women, who left their country, to feel themselves at home, teleport to their normal life, distract themselves and act like a girl.

Being far away from home, many of these women cannot afford a manicure, haircut, hair dyeing, a good shampoo with conditioner, or a cream.
So now more than ever we feel that Ukrainian women need us wherever they are!

Therefore, together with all G.Bars of the network, we have created the G.SUPPORT project which gives the opportunity to donate or receive a service in any G.Bar or a beauty box with the necessary care products from G.Shop. And at the same time – to feel ease, peace, and magic that are so much needed now.

If you want to help or apply for some beauty support fill in the form below. Whereas, we promise to be the perfect intermediaries of this magic!

P.S. We are sure that together we will succeed. Because this makes us closer to victory and no one will defeat us for sure. 💙

How does G.SUPPORT work?
I want
to help

Choose how you want to help: you can donate G.Bar services or a G.Shop special box with care products.


Write to whom you want to help.
And if you don't know, we'll help your beauty support find the one who needs it the most!


Fill in the form with your personal information to create your beauty support


Go to a payment processing page and be sure that your G.Support will find its recipient!

I need some beauty support

Choose the beauty support you dream of most of all: a service in G.Bar or a box with care products from G.Shop


Fill in the form with your personal information and leave a request for a beauty help


Wait for magic and G.Support manager's call!

Твою б’юті-заявку прийнято!

Як тільки ми отримаємо цей продукт, одразу ж побіжимо писати тобі!❤️